Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We are just starting a rental business in the Spring-Huntsville Area. We are starting with one pink stork,one blue stork and one pink baby carriage (totally my favorite). With the growth of the business we will be glad to start making more very soon.(Click each picture to enlarge)

Our Rentals...

(This is going to have a little heart that will be customized with all your info that will detach as a keepsake).

This is the perfect gift for a shower or for the day home from the hospital to show off to the neighbors your new little bundle of joy!

Each Rental will come with a detachable keepsake.
The storks will have a bundle which you can personalize, and the carriage will have a little heart to personalize.

Here are a few suggestions for personalization:
-Welcome Home (Name)
-Baby Shower For (Name)
-Name, Birthdate, Weight, and Height

1 Stork or Carriage Rental:
1 Day Shower 50.00
3 Day Rental 55.00
5 Day Rental 70.00

Our Policy:
We accept all major credit cards by phone, check, or cash. We would like for each renter to take the best care of our yard rentals as possible. Rentals that are destroyed or vandalized will need to be repaired for 150.00. Minor scratches and wear and tear will not be deducted. Please let us know if you have any questions about your rental. We are looking forward to your rental and bringing a smile to your loved ones soon!

To book a rental or check rental availability please email me at or call me at 281-682-6670.